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Terms & Condition


Drivers License and Age

Renter and any authorized driver(s) must be 21 years of age, holding a valid driver’s license at least for one year and a major credit card in his/her own name. For GCC, USA and European countries we require valid local or International license, for other countries an International driving license is required.

Automall Car Rental will provide special Insurance coverage to validate the International driver’s License required by the Kuwait Ministry of Interior authorities for visitors whilst on visit visa to Kuwait, for which following rates will be applicable. One Month: KD 11.500 / Two Months: KD 15.500 / Three Months: KD 19.500


Terms of Payment

Payment should be made through Credit Card. An Imprint of the Credit Card will be taken at the start of rental, and will be kept as collateral. Rental payments can be settled at the end either through credit card, Debit card, K-net or cash. If renter incurs any traffic violation during the rental period, the penalties would be charged to his/her credit card at the end of rental or as soon as we are intimated by the Kuwait Traffic Department.


Custom Pick-Up Location

If you Want to Choose Custom Pick-Up Location You Will Be Charged At 5 KD.

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Automall Car Rental


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